Rocketeers of Retail


Rocketeers of Retail

The guys from Rocketeers of Retail came to me looking to invigorate life and energy into their bi yearly retail event. Through talking to the guys, and the exchange of ideas, we knew we wanted to portray energy and excitement in the logo, while also creating an identity that could change with them through time, depending on speakers and locations.

First up came the logo. We worked up a kind of sharp, abstract speech bubble, portraying the events themselves. Setting the logo this angle aided in sharing a sense of energy and enthusiasm. As part of the initial brief, the guys wanted to include the Rocketeer himself as a secondary icon. I built a few different pieces together to allow the icon to be used in various scenarios.

After this, we quickly settled onto the visual style of these emerging gradient maps in various contrasting colours. They portray energy and life while also allowing an easy colour change.

This then lead into the design of corresponding assets for social media and even (maybe one day) printed posters (a designer can dream, right?) These are all designed to be passed back to the in house design team to easily and quickly update for each event.